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The premier leadership opportunity for young leaders in Kansas agriculture

The Flinchbaugh Food and Agricultural Policy Fellowship provides a premier leadership opportunity for Kansas undergraduate or graduate students studying an agricultural field to serve the state’s food and agricultural industry, and gain valuable public policy experience at both the state and federal levels.


Flinchbaugh Fellows develop a deeper understanding for the legislative and regulatory processes and about how laws and regulations impact the entire food chain – from farm gate to consumer and every step between. While this experience prepares them to enter the workforce serving the Kansas food and agriculture industry, it also enhances their ability to advocate for laws and regulations that allow Kansas the entire food and agriculture community to thrive and grow.

Growing tomorrow's agriculture leaders

Purpose and Goals
  • To develop undergraduate and graduate students studying an agricultural field to be prepared for careers in the food and agriculture industry;

  • To provide valuable service to the agricultural industry and valuable support to policy makers; and

  • To establish a long-term, sustaining Ag Fellows program that develops premier leaders in Kansas agriculture and the industries that support it.

Flinchbaugh Fellowship Alumni

Sarah Franklin, 2017

"Policy has an influence on everyone from the family farmer to the CEO of a large agribusiness. Interning with Michael Torrey Associates strengthened skill sets that will apply to any career I may choose. "

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