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Host Offices

Being a host office in the Ag Fellows program is not only an opportunity for your office to provide a meaningful fellowship experience for a college student, it is also an opportunity to help prepare the next generation of industry leaders to serve as active farmers and ranchers, agribusiness leaders, government affairs professionals, legislative and/or regulatory staff, lawyers, and more.


Ag Fellows will complete two experiences – one at the state level and one at the federal level. Their experience with your office will be a key component in their experience as a fellow but also in their personal and professional development. Upon completion of the program, Ag Fellows will be equipped with necessary skills and knowledge to be productive leaders in the agricultural industry.

Host Office Expectations

  • Provide a competitive stipend to fellows

  • Provide meaningful first-hand education in understanding the complex challenges facing agriculture and the policy process.

  • Establish goals and priorities for fellows

  • Provide follow-up report with the program regarding the office's experience hosting a fellow.

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